Faces of Diversity
Faces of Diversity is a cooperation between two Norwegian schools, two Polish schools, The Museum of the History of Polish Jews and Falstad-center. We are 24 students from Lundamo lower secondary school and a group of students from Levanger upper secondary school (Norway). We are going to meet the polish students from XXII Jose Marti Lyceum & Gymnasium and Lyceum from Minsk Mazowiecki. We are about 100 students all together. The goal of the trip and the cooperation is to learn about the Second World War and the history of the polish Jews.

Monday October 27th
Today we arrived in Warsaw, first we ate lunch at the hotel. We got served a spinach and rise dish, and a fruit salad for dessert.

After lunch we had a guide who took us on a walking tour around Warsaw. She told us a lot of interesting things about the town history and the rebuilding of the town. Here are some pictures from the day:

This is the reconstruction of the Royal Palace, the original building was destroyed during the second world war. Almost everyone in Warsaw donated money to get it rebuilt, because it was so important for the city. It is now a museum.

This is a statue of a fighting mermaid, who is supposed to protect the city of Warsaw.

This is the Palace of Culture and Science, the tower was considered as a gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation.

Tomorrow we are going to have workshops with the Polish students and work on a project. The project will be presented for the Norwegian ambassador in Poland, Karsten Klepsvik.

Posted by Rakel Midtlyng and Malin Bakås Hov

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